AS35619 Kevin Buehl - Kevin Buehl

AS35619 is an non-profit research and education network operated by Kevin Bühl. We provide IP-Transit and are open for peering via 4IXP and SBIX. If you need IPv6 Prefixes we can also provide Subnets for you.

  • Accelerated Datacenter
  • comtrance Duesseldorf
  • Green Datacenter
  • Securebit Europe
Prefix Country Description
2a0f:b9c0:0001::/48 Backbone Network Switzerland
2a0f:b9c0:0002::/48 Backbone Network Europe
2a0f:b9c0:0003::/48 Backbone Network Germany (Frankfurt)
2a0f:b9c0:0004::/48 Backbone Network Germany (Dusseldorf)
2a0f:b9c0:0005::/48 Backbone Network Germany (Berlin)
2a0f:b9c0:0006::/48 Backbone Network Great Britan

We change the future together

Even small networks can change the future. Together we make the Internet a better place.


We operate a redundant and secure infrastructure with multiple upstream providers.

Dual Stack

Our network uses IPv4 and IPv6 addresses in parallel operation (Dual Stack).

Free for all

We have a open peering policy and provide transit free of charge.